Mango Airline: Statement by Airports Company South Africa

Airports Company South Africa can confirm as reported earlier today that it had suspended Mango Airlines from using its airports due to outstanding debt.

Airports Company South Africa has since lifted the suspension on Mango Airline with immediate effect. This follows negotiations that were entered into earlier between the two entities.

The airline has made part payment today (Wednesday) towards the amount owed to Airports Company South Africa for landing fees, parking fees and passenger service charges.

The airline has made further undertakings to settle the remaining debt. It is under these circumstances that Airports Company South Africa has agreed to lift the suspension on Mango Airline.

The approach of Airports Company South Africa to our business relationship with Mango Airline is consistent with our approach to other airlines based on the terms and conditions entered into contractually, details of which remain confidential.

Domestic bookings

Based on the limited information we have from Mango Airlines at this time, domestic bookings should be operating until 1 May 2021.
From 1 May until 30 June 2021, customers will need to make alternative arrangements at their own cost on another carrier.
If you wish to cancel or postpone your travel, you may do so – your Travel Expert will be able to provide you with available options and details pertaining to your specific booking.
If you have domestic land arrangements (hotel bookings) confirmed with Flight Centre, attached to your Mango booking, and you cancel this hotel booking more than 24 hours prior to check in, please check with your Travel Expert if Flight Centre’s  Moneyback Guarantee applies to your hotel booking.
Flight Centre has not received a reaccommodation policy from Mango Airlines as yet therefore the group unfortunately commit to a refund/credit/voucher or any other reimbursement from Mango Airlines.
Please consult with your Flight Centre Travel Expert as they will be able to guide you – providing you with the options available to you and update you as communication is received from the airline.

Flight Centre Travel Experts are in contact with affected customers to assist with their bookings.

All concerned customers with forward bookings can also contact their Travel Expert on 0877 40 50 00 or the Customer Experience Team on 0877 40 50 80.

Thank you for your patience as we assist all our affected customers.

Our customers remain our top priority. We will continue to provide updates as we receive them from the airline and proactively communicate these to our customers.