Following the announcement by the President yesterday evening, 15 June 2021, that a stricter curfew will be imposed, the Flight Centre Travel Group would like to reassure its travellers that they will still be able to board their flights and complete the last leg of their journey after they have landed.

The government gazette stipulates that although the new curfew is from 10pm to 4am, people who arrive on a flight and are travelling to or from an airport, will be allowed to do so during the restricted hours. They will however need to carry a valid boarding pass or a copy of their flight ticket.

“Our priority is always our customer,” says Andrew Stark, Managing Director of the Flight Centre Travel Group Middle East and Africa. “We do not want our customers to have any uncertainty or confusion around their travels so would like to reassure them that customers will still be able to travel home or to their destination after landing, even when they land after curfew. Customers are encouraged to contact their respective leisure or corporate travel manager 24/7 with any queries or concern regarding their travel plans or alternatively visit our websites for more traveller information.”